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Barnstaple & North Devon Ear irrigation Home Visiting Service


Barnstaple-North Devon- Microsuction-Ear-wax-removal-home visit

Microsuctin ear wax removal Near Barnstaple North Devon home visit


The Devon ear clinic are now offering an Ear irrigation & Microsuction service in your own home. This service is limited to a few appointments per week. We only offer this to people who are house bound and cannot visit the clinic in person. In some cases it may not be possible to offer the service due to restrictions on location or a safe working environment.

We do need a clear path and room to be able to operate our equipment. The person will need to be able to sit up and hold their head still as the procedure is conducted. The procedure involves putting a probe into the ear which can be very safe as long as the person isn’t nervous of loud noises or has uncontrollable head movements.

Ear wax Removal home visits


This procedure is called Microsuction, we Hoover out the ear wax using the probe. If the person does have any uncontrollable head movements we can in that case use water irrigation which very gently uses warm water to soften the ear wax and flush the wax deposits out. Unlike the old fashioned syringing, the water irrigation method is very very safe. There is no direct pressure directed to the ear drum, the water is gently pulsed against the ear canal first which then flows to the ear drum gently washing over it.  In a lot of cases clients say it feels very soothing.  We do have a high success rate in clearing the ear 100% using this method.

If you are interested in a home visit then please call or email for more information. Due to the limited appointments per week we are offered great a first come first served basis. The cost for a home visit will slightly vary depending on location. The cost will start at £85 for the procedure and a minimum £15 call out fee (depending on location). We do get a lot of interest for this service, but please call so we can advise on availability.

In the first instance call or email for more info and availability