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Bideford Ear wax removal


The Bideford ear wax removal centre is a few miles down the road at Torrington. We are constantly hearing stories about how ear wax has become impacted.  Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t cotton ear-buds in your ears? Maybe you’ve even read the back of a box which says do not use in the ear?. You should know that ear-buds are not designed to clean your ears.

Cleaning your ears with an ear-bud may cause damage to the eardrum, and could force earwax further down your ear canal, causing a blockage. Doctors are very serious about proper ear care, and they stress that you should never use an ear-bud to clean the earwax from your ears.

Bideford Microsuction ear wax removal


If ear-buds aren’t doctor recommended, what is the best way to clean my ears?

The safest and most effective method for removing earwax is by applying a few drops of olive oil, mineral oil, or over-the-counter ear drops, into the ear canal. These fluids will help to break down the wax, and allow it to naturally work its way out. While this method may work for those with average earwax production, it may not be enough for those that naturally produce an excess of earwax.

To further loosen earwax, it is recommended that you lightly irrigate the ear canal. This can be done by running water from your hand to your ear, or by tilting your head in the shower. Make sure the incoming water pressure is very low and let the water rest in your ear canal for a few minutes before tilting your head back to its normal resting position. Warm water will help to loosen the ear wax, but make sure it’s not too hot.

If you continue to experience excess earwax production it is recommended that you receive professional ear cleaning services several times a year.

If you’re concerned with your earwax production and are experiencing discomfort, hearing difficulties, or itching or drainage from the ear canal, you should consult with our office immediately.

We can provide additional ear cleaning procedures ranging from irrigation to the use of suction devices and surgical instruments.

We can help with your earwax by using a Microsuction machine, this machine is painless and basically uses a very small suction to gently remove ear wax.

If you live in Bideford and need your earwax removed them please call or use our contact form to make an appointment. We usually can see you in the same week.